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Newborn Photography in Delhi

Little Stories is a dedicated kids and baby photography studio based in Delhi NCR

Yohaan is my life and anything related to him means a lot to me. This was about his first bday shoot. It had to be special. I tried reaching the best photographers and the best professionals available in this field. But all of them had a very professional attitude. The personal touch was missing. No one could understand my emotions attached to this shoot. But Vikas, Dipika and their team took it too well. They knew I was demanding but they also understood the reason why. And they went along with everything I said, I wanted. They created an environment where me and my baby could easily jel in. Somethings worth mentioning about little stories team is- they are very adjusting, they give you so many options of concepts, they have wonderful props, they are very gentle with the children(even if it means to wait for the child to wake up fresh according to his natural sleep cycle). This was my personal experience. I am very impressed with their work honestly because they made my child look even more adorable! Thank you little stories team!)

There are Endless stories we create everyday.

It was a pleasure shooting with Little Stories. The group of 3 is really creative and co-operative. They ended up making the baby so comfortable that he thoroghly enjoyed the shoot which ended up in super happy baby pictures. They have many different props which are appropriately used wherever needed. I recommend people to choose Little Stories if they are in the search of a perfect babyshoot team..

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