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Greetings and Thank you for your intrest in creating memories with Little Stories Photography- A dedicated team of baby photographers. We are honored to be documenting your special memories. Being a parent is truly the most important and rewarding job you will ever have ! And as your little one grows, you won’t want to miss a beat ! We believe to  our clients with a pleasing and unique photography experience, amazing images, a diverse product line and exceptional customer service, all to help you cherish these moments for many years to come.

Little stories team combines d ability to quickly build a great rapport with d children – putting them at ease so they r free to relax & express themselves with d ability to take wonderful pics which manage to capture d essence of d child & d moment beautifully. This organisation is extremely customer oriented and has helped us in creating some amazing memories with our kid.We were all get excited& a little nervous. But Vikas ji and Rekha ji made everyone feel completely at ease & was able to capture us all in a very natural, relaxed way. The result were amazing – d most fabulous pics , which we will cherish for many years. Highly recommended.. Shelly Madan Rathi – A happy mother shared her experience on Facebook!

There are numberless stories born when a baby comes into our life. They are cute, they are mischievous, they are dreamy and also moody at the same time. They make us fall in love with them every moment we look at them. Every day a new story is created and all the parents wish and whim to capture those instances. Those stories all together – Create Little Stories ! We would love to capture those precious and adorable stories which you would be delighted to see and would love to preserve life long. A photograph is something that stops a moment in time. To help us remember how we felt right at that point of our lives. And we love to create  a peice of art, so our clients can cherish every part and moment of their babies. The stories which can make them smile, laugh, giggle and sentimental looking at those beautifully captured photographs of their little ones.

We work personally with you one-on- one to customize the session style best suited for you. We put our experience and skill as both photographers and artists to work for you to create stunning, beautifully composed and artistically edited images. We have dedicated years to perfecting our crafts and hundred of hours photographing Newborns. We’re excited to put that experience to work for you to create timeless images you will be thrilled to surround yourself with and proud to share with family and friends. More than just snapshots, Little Stories Photography provides you the art of creatively portraying the intimacy shared by you and your baby, along with all the adorable details. Skill, experience and artistry create images that becomes beautiful  art for your most treasured  memories of these amazing moments.

All these precious  stories need to be told. Yours is a great story and we would be honored to tell it 🙂


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  1. Vivek
    October 21, 2018 at 9:59 am — Reply

    Want to have photoshoot if my kids 5yrs and 2 months.kindly send details like and total cost and sçhdule

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