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Rawrr !! Creekss !! In the middle of the night..
Look who’z there.. It’s a monsterrrr !!!
“Hey friendz I am a cute lil monster !! Come dress up like me n i will take you to the Monster Land !!” We offer you the best monster theme where you enjoy watching your kid as a little creature with cute little props and outfits.Sparkles… glitters…Smimmers… and glimmers…Fairy dust… wings… and wands…
Welcome to the magical world of fairies !! And guess what!! You adorable princess can be one of them !!
A beautiful dress, an extraordinary smile and some magic.. And we are all set to capture those mesmerising photographs with a Fairy tale theme.Bello!!… Paporaa!!…. We wantt banana!!….
We are the cute lil crazy minions…yet not bad at heart!!..We love bananaz….and we wouldn’t mind sharing it with your lil one!!…Come on…..!! Let’s together help Gru… Ale Boss!!… “Hi Bob…. as you know my devil plans… you have to help me in stealing the memories by capturing them in my weapon…. The Cameraa!! My new invention….Come on!! It’s time!!”.

Little stories offer you many themes just like these to choose from ! Cute Monster, Fairytale, Halloween, Harry Potter or The Jungle Book- name it and we afre ready to capture some best themed photoshoot ever. Bringing up a baby is one of the most special days a family will experience. So it makes sense that many new parents want to share it with their loved ones and keep a record for years to come. But we crave something a little more creative than the standard (albeit totally adorable) shoot. That’s why we compiled this collection of fantastically creative baby photography themes to inspire your own masterpiece ! For more information regarding themes you can contact us.

Little Stories is a dedicated studio for newborn, kids and baby photography in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida region. You will fall in love with our concepts, theme and dedication for kids photo session.




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