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Cutester Monster

Themes .. Monster Theme

Rawrr !! Creekss !! In the middle of the night..
Look who’z there.. It’s a monsterrrr !!!
“Hey friendz I am a cute lil monster !! Come dress up like me n i will take you to the Monster Land !!” We offer you the best monster theme where you enjoy watching your kid as a little creature with cute little props and outfits.

Babies are full of surprises, and video allows you to share the little yawns and gurgles that photographs sometimes miss. Don’t just show your little one to those you love – share the ​experience ! Little Stories make customized videos of your baby recording most cute, funny and amazing moments of that time. With so many big changes, it’s easy to miss the little things that can mean the most in the long run. Our time with you is a chance for you to step back and reflect on your hopes, surprises, and joys with you kid. We envision your photos & videos as a time capsule for you to ‘dig up’ down the road and get to re-live the look in your sleepy newborn’s eyes, the excitement at being a new parent, and how far you’ve come. We show the parents that they can rely on us — not just to craft beautiful images of their little one — but to make the whole experience feel safe, warm, and memorable in and of itself. Video making is the same process that can bring smile each time when you see it. The precious video is like a memory that parents can share with friends and family..





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