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Their soft, smooth skin. Their round little bellies. Even their flaky little fingers and toes. Every square inch of them is pure perfection.
As newborn photographers we truly have the best job in the world. In kids photography we spend hours at a time snuggling, posing, and loving on babies that are just a few days old. We get to capture this fleeting time with our camera and provide parents with beautiful heirlooms they will treasure forever. Little Stories baby photography do the same and creating a loving and safe environment is our responsibility as photographers. As photographers we are artists and we have a desire to create and sometimes amazing things are born out of that desire. With every pose we do, we constantly checking baby’s comfort level. If we try a pose and baby fusses or seems visibly uncomfortable we will move on to our next position. Never put a baby in a pose that they struggle against. Some babies love being curled up with their chubby feet up by their chin. Others love stretching out their little legs. They are all unique individuals with unique likes and dislikes. Some love to be swaddled. Some like to have their hands by their face. What works for one might not always work for another. Be flexible and photograph them in what they are comfortable in and we promise their comfort will translate into a beautiful, peaceful images. Little Stories comes up with such photography ideas and concepts that take care of baby’s safety on the top. Throughout newborn sessions we constantly check for these things like – Is baby warm enough? Is the space heater a safe distance from the baby and are they comfortable with the temperature? When mom is nursing, is the heater still far enough away to safely keep baby warm or have they moved closer to it? Keeping baby cozy is huge for a successful newborn session, but the heater must always be kept at a safe distance. We don’t force a baby into any pose. Instead, we adjust them to where they are comfortable. Babies are little miracles and the opportunity to photograph them is an honor. Go into every session with this perspective in mind. The same thing applies in an outdoor shoot as well. The safety of the child is most important besides capturing the best pictures. We provide our clients not only with gorgeous images of their babies , but great memories of their time with our team as well.The safety of the baby is the most important aspect of our photography session. And, parents will also feel more comfortable throughout the session knowing that their baby is in safe hands. We carry ‘baby safety kit’ along with us during a kids photography session includes sanitizer, wipes, tissues, good night drops, odomos, comb etc so that you and your baby can feel safe in every situation and time either its an outdoor shoot or indoor shoot.





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